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How to select a reputable and professional moving and/or storage company

When your move exceeds your capacity and it becomes hard for you to handle it on your own, it becomes essential for you to call a moving company for help. Most probably, the first thing you will do is to go online to search for the best moving companies available around.

Your search engine will show you plenty of options that may confuse you and you may end up wondering which moving company you should go for. Remember that choosing a reputable moving company is a critical task because you will be trusting the company to handle all your personal and valuable belongings.

When you plan to hire movers, keep in mind that research is the key. You must need to undergo in-depth research especially if you are hiring a moving company for the very first time. Several complaints can occur during the moving process. OneRelo Worldwide is a member of the Commercial Relocation Network. Relocation companies that are a part of this group These companies represent a “Best in Class” level of performance for their perspective geographic service area.

Get referrals

Searching on the internet for the moving companies may confuse you. You can initiate by asking your friends, family, colleagues, and associates if they are in a position to recommend a moving company that they have experienced in the past.  In case you are dealing with a real estate representative then you must ask for a recommendation. You can also seek help from moving finding services.

Follow the rule of threes

Never rely on the first estimate that you receive rather follow the rule of threes. This means that take an estimate from at least three diverse firms. The companies must give you the estimate by visiting you physically because no company can give the exact estimate without seeing the stuff that you want to move.

Some companies offer free in-house estimates. For instance, you can access OneRelo Worldwide located in Boise, Reno and Spokane. The major benefit of this service is the minimization of any kind of ambiguity that may arise while moving the stuff. It is very budget friendly and has a wide range of residential and commercial clients

OneRelo Worldwide works with flagships named Mayflower and United Van Lines. Mayflower is a national moving company working for nearly around 100 years. A highly reputable moving company with trusted work quality. United Van Lines delivers a simple and virtual moving experience. They have the best moving technology with personalized customer services.

Keep an eye on the red flags

You need to remember that reputable and professional moving and storage companies do not ask you to make a payment or deposit cash before the moving process gets done. If a company asks for the payment before moving, consider it a major red flag.

During the process of estimation, observe the professionalism of the movers. If they seem unsure or confused about their abilities, it is high time for you to understand that they are not the right choice for you.

Another important point to keep in mind is that all reputable moving companies have their own moving vans. If the movers are seen with a rented moving van, it is another red flag, a major one!

Be sure the mover is licensed and insured

In the United States, The U.S. Department of Transportation provides numbers (U.S. DOT) to the movers that are licensed and insured. You need to be extra careful if you are moving out of your state. Ask for the company’s U.S. DOT number because you are going to need it in case of any claim or complaint.

Verify the address

Always ask for the mover’s business card and website. After getting the card cross check the address online to make sure that the moving company is authentic. Make sure the moving company is registered. Make sure that the address is authentic.

Read reviews from the moving company’s previous clients        

The best part is that you can check the reviews given by actual customers of the moving company you are looking at. Remember people do not hesitate to speak the truth online. Mostly, the reviews provided by the previous customers are genuine and authentic. These reviews are the real experiences of the people who have encountered the moving company.

Observe the review list to research what people think about the moving company that you are considering. It is also possible to ask the moving company for a reference to be sure about their work practices.

Moving is a crucial process. It is important to hire the best moving company to avoid any undesirable situation. Make sure that the movers take care of your belongings. You can look for movers in Reno/Spokane/Boise to protect your glass and breakable stuff to be treated carefully with plastic wrapping.