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How far in advance do I need to book my dates?

The earlier you book, the easier it is for us to plan and coordinate your move, so we always appreciate having as much notice as possible. However, our workflow fluctuates seasonally. During the winter, we can often get by with as little as one week of notice. During the summer, however, you should talk to us at least 2-4 weeks before your moving date.

How long will it take to pack and load my shipment on the truck?

For an average move, we take one day to pack everything into boxes, and another day to load your items onto the truck. However, this varies depending on how much you’re moving. If your move is small, we be able to perform both services in one day. Larger moves, however, may require more time. This is something your Relocation Coordinator can determine once the on-site survey is performed. We ask that you plan to be available during the entire day (8am-5pm) for each day that we are packing, loading, or delivering your items.

Once my shipment is on the truck, how long will it take to get to my new home?

Transportation and delivery times depend on many factors: the time of year, the weather conditions, the size of your shipment, and the distance your shipment is traveling. If your shipment does not fill a van, we may load a number of shipments into the same vehicle (each shipment is carefully sectioned off from the others). You will be given a set of dates in which you can expect your shipment to be delivered. You should plan to be available to accept delivery any time within this delivery window, although you will be notified at least 24 hours before we intend on delivering your shipment.

How much does it cost to move?


Every Mayflower moving quote is customized to fit your specific needs. For example, do you need help with packing, or would you prefer to pack yourself? How many rooms are in your home? Mayflower agents provide personal estimates and planning with service options for every type of move. You can start by giving us a call to get a ballpark estimate of moving costs.

United Van Lines

When you request an online moving quote from United Van Lines, you can rest assured that we will provide a customized quote to fit your unique needs and budget. A United agent will consult with you on packing, protection, and service options to configure the right moving package for you. For a ballpark estimate of moving costs, and to start the process, give us a call.

What moving expenses are tax deductible?

The deduction for moving expenses was eliminated (other than for active members of the military who relocate under orders) in 2018. Furthermore, if an employer reimburses you for moving your expenses, it is now a taxable fringe benefit (through 2025). It’s wise to check the IRS website for updates.

Will homeowners’ coverage pay for my move?

Some policies do cover moves, but some do not. If your policy doesn’t cover your move, we offer full coverage options with a $0 deductible. Contact your insurance agent or broker for specific information about your coverage.

How do you pack for a move?


Everyone packs slightly differently, but there are a number of simple tricks that can simplify the process significantly. You can view Mayflower’s packing videos for tips on how to pack specific rooms in your home, as well as packing advice for specific items such as dishes, clothes, shoes, and other personal possessions.

United Van Lines

If you’re planning to pack yourself, learn how to prepare for some of your home’s more difficult packing challenges by visiting the United Van Line video library. It’s full of helpful tips from professional movers, and there are many step-by-step videos that will help you pack each room as simply and safely as possible.

How do you pack dishes?


When you’re packing for a move, Mayflower recommends using a dish pack, which is a sturdy carton made from corrugated cardboard, to protect your china, glassware, and any other fragile items less than 18 inches in size. Watch Mayflower’s packing videos to learn more.

United Van Lines

When packing for a move, United Van Lines recommends using a dish pack (an exceptionally sturdy corrugated carton of double-wall construction) for china, glassware and other fragile items less than 18 inches in size. Unless cartons of similar strength and construction are available, you might want to purchase several dish packs from us.

How do I move my pets?


Moving with pets can be challenging, but you can help smooth your pet’s transition with a little pre-planning and some useful tricks from the experienced pet owners at Mayflower. If you’re planning to move with pets, let your Relocation Coordinator know as soon as possible.

United Van Lines

Careful pre-planning is always a critical to ensuring a move goes smoothly, but it’s especially true when you’re moving with pets. United Van Lines has a blog available on its website offering suggestions on this topic, including a checklist of things to do and a special section on horses and ponies.

Can you move my car?


Yes! If you ship a car with Mayflower, you will be assigned a personal coordinator to help you process paperwork, scheduling and billing. Your coordinator will help you schedule your pickup, load and delivery times. Contact us to request an auto transport quote.

United Van Lines

Yes! When you choose to ship a car with United Van Lines, you will be paired with a dedicated shipping coordinator to help you navigate the paperwork, scheduling and billing from start to finish. All you need to do is contact us to ask for a car transportation quote .

Can you move my food?


If you are moving less than 150 miles, you may be able to pack food and perishables. However, it’s best to ask your Relocation Coordinator in advance so you can plan accordingly. Otherwise, we generally recommend you make plans to consume or give away your food before moving day to minimize stress when it’s time to hit the road.

United Van Lines

United Van Lines allows food and perishables only on some local moves. Check with your Relocation Coordinator to see which items you are allowed to pack before your moving date arrives to ensure you’re prepared.

Can you move my plants?

United Van Lines

United Van Lines cannot accept responsibility for safely moving your plants, because they may suffer from a lack of water and light as well as probable temperature changes while in transit. You may prefer to transport your house plants in the family car or ship them by plane. You should also consider that some states prohibit the entry of all plants, while other states will admit plants under certain conditions. Be sure to check the regulations of the state to which you’re moving.