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Different Types of Moves to Fulfill Your Moving Needs

Moving Company

Moving is undoubtedly the most arduous task. It not only shakes up your routine but also requires an immense amount of time. In addition to disturbing schedules, it partners with massive responsibility. Choosing the optimal way to pack, move, and unpack the essentials requires time and a cost-effective strategy. For this, you must know different types of moves to make well-informed decisions according to your needs. 

Most people and companies consider traveling distance the only factor while gauging various types of moves but magnitude, quantity, and scale of move can’t be put off. Let’s jump into this to unveil different types of moves.

Full Truck

This usually refers to mega commercial and residential moves. If you have a big house filled with varying items, then a full truck will be an ideal pick for you. Shipment of bigger companies and offices also falls under this category.

For this, packing and unpacking service is highly recommended.

Shared Truck

If the size of the house is relatively smaller, then a shared moving truck would serve your purpose. It will not only be a cost-saving venture but will also facilitate resource sharing. For such moves hauling, packing, and unpacking can be done with the assistance of workers and friends; however, professional movers are always preferred as they ensure the safety of your valuable items while saving you a lot of precious time. 

Storage In Transit (SIT)

Ideally, moves generally rotate around immediate packing, traveling, and unloading the goods at the destination. But all moves don’t work as planned. Some people close too early when selling their homes without considering arrangements at the other end. Even a destination might require days and months to prepare for new arrivals. Structural or remodeling delays, contingencies, closing issues, or incomplete search for new residences are the main causes behind the need for SIT. In such cases, storage in transit is a better way to keep your household goods safe and vaulted during the transition period. 


If you are renovating your home or the new one isn’t ready yet,  storing your goods can ease the hassle for you. For this, OneRelo Worldwide offers appropriately climate-controlled storage and warehousing to counter moisture and weather effects.

Door to Door Service

As the name elaborates, door-to-door service means complete professional handling of your items. This includes packing and loading from your older place to unloading and unpacking at your destination. This service covers movers included in full truck and shared truck services. 

The Bottom Line

Moving requires care and professionalism. You can’t load everything on anything. Decide and plan well before the final call or take assistance from our experts to get a custom quote for your customized needs. Our experienced movers can assist you with your timeline, budget, and other unique requirements! 

Whether your moving need spreads over a big business empire or a small one-bedroom apartment, OneRelo Worldwide has a hassle-free solution for your storage and moving needs. Currently located in Reno, Boise, and Spokane, OneRelo Worldwide provides comprehensive and affordable services to ensure optimal customer experiences. 

Just contact us for a free quote and enjoy affordable moving services with complete peace of mind.